Sanja Sakic was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After gaining a masters degree in fine art in her native country, Sanja moved to London to peruse her career in fine art. During her first year in London she exhibited nine times a solo exhibiter at various galleries. This success has led to collaboration with Vivien Westwood, acting as a curator and exhibiter at an event for Active Resistance to Propaganda.

For her next venture Sanja needed to move on from painting and learn to express her creativity though other forms of creative media. She had always been interested in female form and femininity. Through this she was inspired to create a unique tea set to help awareness of Breast Cancer. Over 55,222 cases of breast cancer are diagnose each year in England and Wales.

The concept of Teaseme comes from Sanja’s observations of the British high-tea rituals. Sanja found this ritual quite enchanting. Initially, she studied and observes the female form. Experimented through sketching, painting and later turned her sketch into concepts for products. The idea was to use a fluidity of the human form and give it a very specific purpose. Sanja played and evolved the female shape to create a more contemporary abstract form. The concept of Teaseme is created in Great Western Studios in Westbourne Park, London.

The product is moulded in Devon and manufactured in Stoke –on – Trent. Teaseme is premium Bone China and unique, handmade design.